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Courtney From San Diego, CA



1 Team Fitness has changed my life!!! There are many aspects of this program that are beneficial to helping you reach your newly set goals. When I first started with 1TeamFitness my goal was to "get fit" well in doing so I was able to create smaller goals along the way to help reach my overall dream. Each trainer will assist in helping you achieve your goals no matter how large or small. There is not a day in which I leave 1teamfitness unsatisfied. Each time is a different workout and never have I ever felt as though I was unable to go through or keep up with the team. The overall atmosphere is amazing and because everyone shares common goals and overall team motivation is amazing. They are welcoming with open arms. The best thing about the program for me is when I feel as though I can't complete another set or rep they don't allow me to give up. The trainers believe that I can push through and surpass my limits and that is what has given me the strength to stay committed and change my life.

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