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Offer Your Employees Corporate Fitness Retreats as Rewards & Incentives, Team Bonding and More!

In today's hustle and bustle work environment, deadlines and overworking lead to increased levels of stress and tension in most workplaces.  Our retreat options offer a great solution to these increased unhealthy stress levels...a place where you can forget about 'adulting' and relax, rejuvenate and have fun, allowing you to refocus and return to the workplace a new you!

Not only do we educate our guests on how to de-stress and unwind through fitness and wellness, we also educate them on nutrition and how to create healthy habits that will stick with them once they return to the workplace, creating a more positive, productive and energetic employee!  Healthy and happy employees equals a better work atmosphere!

What are the perks of your employees partaking in a Corporate Fitness Retreat??

By booking your employees a corporate wellness retreat, it opens up doors to a host of benefits including increased employee loyalty, increased positive work place environment, and increased productivity, our corporate fitness retreat will benefit both the employee as well as the greater good of the company!  The perks don't stop there though, increased knowledge of health and wellness with year around health coaching offered by our trainers, add to the already plentiful advantages of your employees partaking in our retreat!  Its proven that exercise and proper nutrition decrease stress and anxiety, so why not use our fitness retreat to help create a healthy happy work environment?!

We have availability 365 days a year, so planning and scheduling your retreat has never been easier!

Scheduling a retreat for your employees has never been easier!  With booking access 365 days a year, theres no blackout dates or restricted holidays to prevent your company from booking with us, unlike many other retreats that are only offered certain times throughout the year.  We also have packages from 2 nights up to 21 nights so you can choose the length of stay and are not locked into any specific timetable.



What Types Of Packages Do We Offer?

Team Building:

The ultimate bonding experience!  Groups participate in team building and bonding activities where they can use their teamwork to accomplish a common goal.  Not only are the activities unique and fun but they also will create a healthy competitiveness between co-workers and teammates. This is great way to create natural bonding and friendships that will extend back to the workplace once employees leave our retreat! "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success"


Zen Master:

This package is the ultimate relaxation experience!  Guests participate in multiple yoga, meditation, and rejuvenating  practices revolving around finding your inner zen and leaving your stress behind!  With the focus being centralized on each individual, guests are able to relax and unwind to find their inner peace and find tactics to wash their everyday stress away!  Guests will also receive spa treatments after each day of meditation and yoga to further enhance their rejuvenating experience.  "Your inner peace the greatest and most valuable treasure that you can discover."



This package is best for a full fitness immersion!  Guests partake in activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, biking, hiking, indoor rock climbing, TRX, beach boot camps, Pilates, spin, core shred, swimming, barre and more!  Step outside your comfort zone and have fun doing it!


 -Beach Hotel Accommodations
-Assessment, Measurements, & Fitness Evaluation
-Premium Fitness Care Package
-Nutritional Education & Access To A Top Nutrition Portal
-3 Gourmet Meals Each Day
-5 Hours of Fitness Activities/Yoga & Meditation or Team Building
-Nike/Under Armour Dri-Fit 1TF Shirt
-Excellent Guest Return Incentive Rates!
-Take Home Workout Programs To Continue A Healthy Lifestyle.



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