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Kayaking; The Low Resistance Calorie Blaster!

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Do you like being out on the water? fresh air? wildlife? Getting fit and having fun?

If you answered yes to any of those then kayaking may be the answer! In one kayaking adventure you can enjoy beautiful waterways, various forms of nature and everything else that the great outdoors has to offer. In essence, to many, that may equal the perfect day!

Were you sore from your kayaking experience?

Studies have shown that in order to maneuver your kayak 5 miles per hour it requires 0.1 hp of exertion. The energy used to paddle the kayak at this rate will result in burning 400-600 calories per hour. Therefore, not only are you having a blast on the water you’re geting into great shape at the same time!

Challenge Yourself!

Once you are comfortable maneuvering your kayak, challenge yourself a little by interval training. Point out different land marks on you voyage and try to reach them as fast as you can by engaging your core muscles and using upper body strength to get there faster, then slow your rate down to the next landmark. Before you know it, you’ll be able to go longer distances at a faster consistent rate(you can try this with any cardio exercise)

It requires more than just strong arms to paddle your kayak.

It is estimated that the average individual may perform 500 strokes per mile and roughly 1500 strokes in a 3 mile span. This movement will require the assistance from a variety of different muscles from your back, chest, shoulders, arms and core. The paddling motion simulates many of the exercises you may perform at your local gym.

Have you ever done a single arm row while exercising? Every stroke you take while paddling your kayak is similar to that of a single arm row. Ripping up your back, shoulders and biceps in the process. As one hand is performing a row like movement the other hand is performing a movement similar to that of a single arm chest press. Therefore, targeting your chest, triceps and shoulders. Lastly, in order to prevent your kayaking from veering off in any one direction you must paddle evenly on both sides. Switching your paddle from each side of the kayak is also activating your obliques and your abdomen region. This process is similar to performing that of the seated russian twist.

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