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A MUST Read For Morning Cardio Enthusiasts!

Fasted Cardio, Is It Healthy?

One of the newest topics up for debate within the fitness world is whether or not the "Fasted Cardio" or cardio performed on an empty stomach is really beneficial?! Many fitness enthusiasts choose this route without knowing the consequences it may have on their bodies if not performed properly. Here are some key components to take into consideration before you start.

Know Where Your Glycogen Levels Stand

Glycogen is the stored carbohydrate that your body uses as its preferred fuel source during physical exertion. Similiar to that of a car and its need for gasoline in order to run. When we awake in the morning our glycogen levels are depleted after the nights fast. This depletion may lead to minimal amounts of available glycogen or "fuel" for your body to utilize during your early morning cardio session and any extra fuel your body requires in order to finish this process will come strictly from your muscle!

Get Your Rest But Dont Sleep To Much

Your body can store glycogen for 12 to 16 hours before it absolutley has to be replenished. Most individuals have some sort of meal a couple hours before they go to bed and on average may sleep from 8 to 10 hours. In this case your glycogen levels will be low but not totally diminished. Leaving you with a small amount of fuel to get you through your early morning grind and preventing your body from having to use muscle as a secondary source of energy.

If Glycogen Is Low, Keep Your Intensity Low!

Due to the fact that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) uses strictly glucose as fuel, you are likely to burn up your stored glycogen rather quickly. This may result in your body burning muscle rather than fat and leaving you with a fatigued feeling. To avoid this, keep your intensity at a low to moderate level for a 35 minute duration. The lower intensity will require your body to use only glycogen as fuel and you will be burning nothing but fat. Take these factors into account before you start your routine and it will lead you down the safe and efficient fitness path. We can all agree that we want to accomplish our fitness goals and want to be safe doing it!  Book your fitness retreat with 1Team Fitness, and get in shape the right way!

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